Stand for Life
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What started as a grassroots movement is now a catalyst for social change. 



Stand for Life started on August 6, 2015 after Jess Barfield posted an image of herself and her son on social media with the LIFE filter. As a result, #standforLIFE went viral and people all over the world began posting photos with the LIFE filter and sharing their own stories about why they value life. 

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The traditional pro-life movement has created a solid foundation for valuing life. However, today's culture has developed a resistance that has caused a void and left individuals longing to fill a silent gap and be a part of a movement that deeply loves all parties involved - mothers, fathers, children and entire families. There is a need to further engage, educate and equip all individuals to change how people engage in the LIFE issue and influence them in a way that empowers them to make a difference in their community. 

Today, Stand for Life is an initiative of The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and is continuing to engage with storytellers all over the world. The team has learned that stories impact people on a heart level, and as a result, communities are being empowered to influence generations. The heartbeat of everything that we do is the Imago Dei and our hope is that every person would come to know the significance of human dignity through storytelling. 

Join us in changing what it means to value every life.


T E L L   Y O U R   S T O R Y   A N D 

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