Thanksgiving Name Cards


Our team gathered a few weeks ago for our own little Friendsgving. It was a sweet time where we simply enjoyed one another and reflected on all that has happened through telling stories this year. I know other people make this claim too, but we truly have the coolest jobs in the world. 


Just to name a few of the things that we’re thankful for : 

  • Our families and friends that support our work
  • Partnering with insanely talented people
  • Being given the opportunity to tell over 700 stories
  • REALLY good cooks on our team
  • The fact that it’s just barely starting to look and feel like Fall in Texas
  • Hope for the days to come 


We want to know what YOU are thankful for this year! 


Whether it's a new life, a celebrated life, or a remembered life, we have much to be thankful for this year. So, we’re dying to know, what are you giving thanks for this Thanksgiving? 

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For Life, 

The Stand for Life

lindsey washington