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"Storytelling is identity formation." - Sho Baraka


In telling stories, we learn who people are. In telling stories, our beliefs are formed about other people and other things. In telling stories, we destroy barriers. In telling stories, we offer hope. In telling stories, community happens.


In telling our stories… identity is realized and the world is changed.




Have you ever thought about how all of our individual stories each fill only a tiny chapter in the narrative of humanity? We all have a unique understanding of the world around us that is shaped by the stories that we have lived and influenced by the stories of others. But in the end, the narrative that we really all fit into is simple. 


It’s a narrative that defines our lives by the Image of the One in whose likeness we were created after. A narrative that says we are loved and known and cared for, despite our shortcomings. A narrative that says we matter and that we bring unique value to the world that we live in. It’s a narrative that brings meaning to the core of who we are. 


Genesis 1:27 says “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God, he created him; male and female, he created them.” 


From Scripture, we see the creation narrative that screams the truth that every single life has inherent dignity and value, because every single life was made in the image of God. That simple truth is the foundational starting block that we use for everything that we do and say - and that’s the story that we all get to play a part in. 


At Stand for Life, we’re committed to telling stories. Why? Because in the process of telling stories centered around the truth that every single life matters, we’re seeing dignity restored and lives being changed completely. 


We’re so thankful that you chose to join us on this journey! Is there a topic that you’d like to see discussed? Send us an email at - After all, this blog is for you.


For Life, 

The Stand for Life team 

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