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"Moriah Avalyn's name means beautiful breath of life. The doctors told us that a breath was something she would never take. 

When I was 19 weeks pregnant, we found out that our baby girl had a lethal genetic disorder called Thanatophoric Dysplasia Type 2, meaning her bones would not grow but her organs would. Her heart would take up most of her chest and her lungs would not grow enough to be compatible with life. 

The first words out of my mouth were, 'My God is bigger than that diagnosis,' and then I cried for days. 

We had lost eight babies to miscarriage at different gestation from eight to fifteen weeks. Months before we got pregnant with our Moriah, we had lost a set of high risk twin girls, Maddy and Neveah, and then another daughter, Hope. 

Our prayer was always to just have a heartbeat. If we could just feel a kick or hiccups, then it would all be worth it. The pain and heartache would be worth it. 

Termination was never an option, though suggested. We chose to find joy, to fight for joy, every day of the short time that we were blessed to carry Moriah. 

Our whole journey with Moriah was covered in prayers and blessing. We hoped and prayed for a healing miracle from our God, but knew even if it didn't come in the way we wanted, Moriah was already a miracle. I remember crying one night to my husband, just days before she was born, wondering how we could possibly fit a life-time worth of love into a couple of minutes.

When he was born alive at 33 weeks, that hospital room was Holy ground.  Time froze. The love from family and friends that surrounded us was deeply profound. 

Moriah only took seven beautiful breaths, which we were told to never expect in the first place. I held her to my chest for four fleeting minutes before she awoke in Jesus arms.

Our warrior princess, our shooting star. The ripple effect of her little life will never truly be known until seen through eternities eyes. In those moments, life boiled down to one thing: love. I stand for life and would walk this road again in a heartbeat." 



- Amanda #standforlife