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"My pregnancy was going well, with limited sickness, until our 24 week check-up. That’s when our story changed from easy to worrisome. 

Jack’s growth had started to slow, so my doctor decided the next step was to see a Perinatologist. After two appointments, we were released and told that Jack would just be a small guy. To our knowledge, everything was going okay. Jack Evans was small, but mighty! 

I was induced on November 18th at 38 weeks. Right before I was given Pitocin, Jack’s heart rate started to dip. After a few more dips, my doctor decided it was best to do an emergency C-section. 

We were nervous, but excited to welcome our little man into the world! 

At 8:16pm, Jack Evans was born. He didn’t cry much and had trouble breathing, so the doctors took him straight to the NICU. For two days we knew something was wrong, but not the severity. We truly believed that our sweet boy would be okay. 

After multiple tests, we found out that Jack had developed a condition in utero called Lissencephaly, also known as smooth brain. We were shocked. 

We sat down with a Neurologist, but honestly I could not understand much. What we did know was that Jack may never walk, talk, or eat on his own. But, even if we had known about Jack’s diagnosis, he would still be here with us. We would not have chosen to abort; we would still have chosen life.

Jack spent a month in the NICU and during that time developed seizures. It was devastating to watch and all I wanted to do was take the pain away.

We took our son home on December 19th. Our journey wasn’t normal to most people, but we loved Jack no matter what.

It was hard, but we knew that we would do what we had to for Jack. We lived everyday loving him. Unfortunately, his little body and heart couldn’t take anymore and on February 8th, Jack Evans passed away in his sleep. Our time with him was so short and we miss him every day.

We truly believe that Jack is in his forever home, Heaven, and completely made whole with no more pain. Our grief journey has not been easy, but we cling to the fact that God has a bigger plan & purpose. Jack Evans changed us forever. We are so thankful to be his parents." 



- Paige #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey