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"Sometimes I feel too old to be doing this baby thing, especially when these sweethearts grow on a timeframe that makes you slow down and experience each phase to the fullest... no rushing these kiddos!

But when I see the way she lights up and smiles every time we talk to her, and the fact that she lights up our whole world, I just think, #wecouldhavemissedthis.

So many families are missing this because we've been trained to fear the diagnosis of Down syndrome. We've been conditioned to believe that it is one of the first things to worry about in our pregnancies until the test comes back negative for T21.

We might think kids with DS are sweet and special, but who would wish it upon their own child? Ninety-three percent of women who get the positive test results (and sadly, too many OBGYN physicians) look to termination as the first and logical option. Instead they could be thinking, "Perhaps it's those with different abilities that make this world so incredible... who help us see what truly matters most. Who see that being in need of others isn't a negative thing. Who see the joy they bring in a way only they can." 

Isla's brave mama is part of only 7 percent of women who choose life after being told the baby inside of her has Down syndrome. She probably would have spared herself and her family a lot of heartache had she quietly terminated the pregnancy, but she looked past her current situation and saw the potential for unimagined beauty ahead. She chose life... and I'll never stop feeling humbly grateful that she chose us."



- Casey #standforlife