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"As my two daughters and I walked happily into the ultrasound room, we had no clue how our lives would change forever.

At that time, my biggest concern was that the technician would divulge the sex of our little one, as we wanted it to be a surprise at birth! The technician said few words until she told me that she only saw three out of four chambers of my baby’s heart, and that my baby may have Down Syndrome. My heart felt so heavy from so many unknowns.

A few weeks later, a specialist told me the recommendation, based on one ultrasound alone, was to terminate the life of our child. Just four hours later and after another test, I was told our baby did indeed have all four chambers of the heart, but that a defect was present. I became very defensive and agitated after multiple recommendations to abort our baby. Was this life not worth living because of Down Syndrome? Was this life not worth a chance because of a heart defect? I only wanted to know the facts, and needed to be reassured of the love and beauty this child would bring to our family and others. 

I developed a desperation to find families and stories like ours. I needed to know that our family would still function well. My desire is to educate as I am being educated, and to encourage those who are feeling the same desperation I once experienced. The importance of sharing our stories and reaching out to others should never be minimized. Our faith gives us peace, but we are comforted by seeing ourselves in a different face and reading about another journey that is all too familiar.

Our little one is seven months old now. Her name is Savannah Lanier. She came into this world quickly and strong, with no emergencies or admission to the NICU. She is developing as a typical little baby that just happens to have one extra chromosome.

My heart’s desire is to be the person I needed to someone else, and to remind them that God makes NO mistakes. I believe a heart that reaches out to another with compassion, can heal a soul and change a life. That is the power of love.” 



- Cindy #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey