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"On June 7th, 2015, two pink lines popped up on our pregnancy test. Hello, baby number two! I started dreaming about everything our baby would be.

On September 16th, 2015, those dreams changed. I was 18 weeks pregnant when I answered a phone call from my midwife. She said, “Your blood work came back positive for Down Syndrome,” and my mouth literally fell open. It felt like my world had stopped. I spent the rest of that day crying the ugliest tears.

Fear gripped me. All of the thoughts of what her life would be like, contrary to what I had dreamed, paralyzed me. I couldn’t help but wonder how a healthy 22-year-old could have a child with Down Syndrome.

My husband and I weighed our options. We decided to have an amniocentesis, just to be one hundred percent positive. A week later, the results came back. Our daughter had Trisomy 21. 

Her diagnosis was now a reality. I felt broken and scared.

Even though we were asked if we wanted to terminate our sweet baby, we put our faith in God. We chose to believe that He would provide us with the child we were meant to have. I knew that no matter what her medical condition was, God knew her. I knew Henley was His and she was mine.

On February 6th, 2016, I delivered my beautiful baby. She was healthy and perfect. The second the doctor laid Henley in my arms, I was delivered from all my fears. She was a breath of fresh air to my soul and any fear I had only faded in comparison to her perfection. 

I realized Henley was my special gift and that contrary to the world’s beliefs, she was was no burden to me but a blessing in disguise. 

My precious gift from God, Henley, is now 16 months old. She fills our life with so much joy. She is a determined, smart, feisty, and a gorgeous little girl. Her smile lights up a room and the light in her has transformed the way I look at this world.

Today, I am able to see and experience the world in the light of His Glory. Having a child with Down Syndrome is not a misfortune, but an opportunity to see His creation in a spectacular light. I thank God every single day for this blessing.” 



- Crystal #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey