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"Our adoption journey began in November 2015. We knew we wanted to adopt a child with Down syndrome. We'd had many discussions about adoption and Down syndrome over our six years of marriage, and it was clear to us that we shouldn't wait any longer to start the process. We have two biological children and we were excited to expand our family through adoption. We began researching agencies and settled on adopting from Eastern Europe.

The process moved swiftly. We finished our home study quickly, attended several weekends of training, did mounds of paperwork, and read books about adoption. In May, we saw our son's photo for the first time. He had the sweetest brown eyes and a full head of brown hair, and we were immediately drawn to him.

The process of being officially matched to him had several hurdles, but it is truly amazing how God brought us together. Looking back now, we can see that our sense of urgency and convictions to pursue a child with Down syndrome were all because of this baby boy who God had chosen for us.

It took a few months for us to find out if we were approved to be his family (the paperwork hustle is REAL in adoption), but finally, in mid-August we got the call that we were officially matched! At the end of September, we were given the opportunity to visit him in his birth country, and we are now working hard to bring him home in just a few months.

The trip to meet our son was incredibly beautiful and incredibly hard. I cannot explain the absolute anguish we felt as we walked out of his orphanage on the last day, knowing we wouldn't see him again for several months. An orphanage is no place for a child to live or grow up, and I am counting down the days and hours until he is in our arms again.

Because our son has Down syndrome, many people see his life as less valuable. We know differently! We stand for life because all children are made in the image of God, and deserve the unconditional love and acceptance of family. We are naming him Abel, which means 'son.'"  



- Diana #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey