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“A few weeks after we found out we were expecting our first child, we learned it was a boy, and that our first son was conceived with a chromosomal abnormality called Trisomy 18. The doctor informed us that the condition would all but certainly take his life either in utero or quickly after birth… but that at least we were able to have kids, so we could just terminate this one and try again for one that was worth carrying.

But we chose LIFE for Abel! Stewarding his little life was one of the  greatest honors of our lives. Abel was born to us on January 22, 2016 with his mama’s playlist running in the background. At that moment, an old hymn was playing called 'I Surrender All.' In truth, he was not making any noise because he was not breathing very well, and the full weight of those humbling lyrics began to sit on my chest.

A blood test confirmed that Abel was conceived with an extra copy of his 18th chromosome. We enjoyed an incredible 15 days with Abel and at 6:15am on February 6, 2016, resting peacefully & comfortably in his mama’s arms, Abel Paul Crawford took one last sweet breath with us here on earth and went to be with our favorite Person in history.

Even in the face of sorrow, you brought unspeakable JOY into our lives, Abel. We can’t imagine having made any other decision but to keep you, carry you, and love you for as long as you were here.

...It was mid-January, and we didn't know what to expect as Abel's first birthday drew near this year. Thirty-seven weeks pregnant with his baby sister, I thought back to 1/22/2016, which we fondly remember as the greatest day of our lives. So as 1/22/2017 approached, my husband and I had thought through some tentative plans to commemorate the anniversary of our son's birth.
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And then the contractions hit. And then the bleeding began.
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We drove to the nearest hospital, which happened to be Baylor downtown... the same hospital where I delivered Abel by C-section. We came to find that I had experienced a placental abruption, necessitating a second C-section. And so right there: in the exact same O.R., with the same @dallasdoula, (Kiesha Baker), and the same photographer with @standforlifemovement (Jess Barfield), on the very same day, one year after her big brother, Mayfield James Crawford was born.
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It's hard to adequately express how much @standforlifemovement's partnership has meant to us in stewarding the precious lives of our children for the glory of Jesus."



- Kelly and Daniel #standforlife