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"My husband and I decided to adopt when we were given the news that IVF would only be a 25-40 percent chance of success. On March 1, 2012, I called five agencies. We returned the pile of paperwork in 5 days and proceeded to finish all the necessary home studies, inspections, background checks, CPR, First Aid, and fingerprinting. We prayed and told God we would accept whoever he sent us; that we would love them until they went home and adopt them if they didn't.

On April 21, the first day we were officially licensed, our agency called to tell us two brothers were in need of a home. They sent us pictures, and the connection was immediate. They were our children even though we didn't know them. On May 7th, we spent the day with them, and Marcus (3.5 years) and Bryan (21 months) called me Mama within a few hours. When we dropped them off that night, Marcus cried, "I don't want to leave you!"  That broke my heart in so many ways. They came home forever on May 11, 2012.

Three months later, our agency called asking if we wanted to submit for a six week preemie in the NICU and his 21 month-old brother.  I said yes, not even thinking that we would be selected. At 8am the next day, my agency called to see if we could still take them. We walked into the NICU and saw the most handsome, teeny baby, Grayson. After signing a paper, they let us take him home. I couldn't stop thinking, 'What just happened?! I will have four kids under 4 by the end of the day!'

When we got home they dropped off our final addition, Gabriel, and we began our crazy, but wonderful, life with four boys! We adopted Marcus and Bryan on 12-12-12, and one year later, on 12-12-13, we adopted Gabriel and Grayson.

Our boys tell people, 'We are chosen and loved forever!' They couldn't be more right! We all complete each other in a way that only God could ordain and arrange. It is a miracle, just as their births were. Without adoption, these boys would be left without a loving, safe family.  We would be less of a family without the tiny smiles and sloppy kisses. We thank God everyday for the path on which He set us!"


- Faith #standforlife