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"Three years ago, on an average day in November 2013, I felt the weight of empty arms as our previous foster baby was moved to live with her grandma. I casually mentioned to our caseworker to keep us in mind if she needed to place another infant, but I knew better than to expect it.

Then my phone rang.

The worker told me that she had a one-day-old baby girl, and that she specifically requested for our family to take her! I was invited to meet the birth mother at the hospital. I will never forget the feeling of watching our birth mom walk out of the hospital empty-handed, knowing that she was unable to care for her baby. For me, this memory will forever serve as a reminder of how tragically beautiful adoption truly is. On the other hand, I was so grateful that even though her life wasn't where she hoped it would be, she chose LIFE for this little child. She is a beautiful mom who gave all she could to her child, despite her hardships.

Eleven months later, I found myself in the same hospital with the same mom, welcoming another beautiful girl. And fourteen months after that, yet another baby girl was born. We were shocked, but comforted knowing that these little lives were planned by God: that He knew them, and formed them in their mother's womb. In December 2015, we brought the third sister into our home born within a 25 month period. In just two years, we've grown from a family of four to a family of seven!

On November 15, 2016, exactly three years from the day we received that first phone call, we received the adoption order for our older two girls in the mail! I am so thankful to finally officially call them my daughters. I am so thankful their mom chose life for them.

The need for intervention in a child's life is tragic, but foster care exists because despite her circumstances, a mother chose LIFE for her unborn child." 



- Lindsay #standforlife