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"When I was born, my teenage birthmother looked into my eyes and said, 'I will see you again someday.' She felt too young and too unprepared to raise me. Yes I was unplanned, but not unloved. Adoption was the option that brought hope.

It did more than she ever dreamed.

I was adopted at birth by loving Christian parents who could not have children. Love and hope grew.

Then, 26 years later, I finally came back to her. One sunny summer day in a downtown park, she sat down beside me, looked into my eyes and smiled. She had been right to hope all those years ago. Love had come back. 

Now, it's been 40 years, and love's momentum is only increasing. My wife and I now have seven children of our own: twins, triplets, a toddler and a new baby. Gifts from Jesus. A whole new generation, saved by love and hope. And it's not stopping! Years from now, who knows how many generations of people will look back and have that young teenage girl to thank, because she chose love and hope, and LIFE?" 



- Mark #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey