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"Adoption has always been on my heart. After having two children of my own, I suppressed those feelings. I was too scared to go forward.

Two years ago, God really started working on my heart. I came up with excuses. We are too old! Our kids are too old! We don't need babysitters anymore! Our family of four prayed together for months until we were all on the same page. We decided to become a foster family.

In May 2015, we welcomed a beautiful three-day-old baby girl. Then in August of 2015 we got a call for a seven-day-old baby girl who needed a home. My first thoughts were no way, but God had different plans for us. We said yes, and had the privilege of caring for two precious girls only two and a half months apart.

This past summer, we adopted both of our girls! What an amazing gift for our family. God taught me how to love with all I have, not knowing what the future holds. He has taught our family how to serve Him faithfully.

I think of their birth moms often. I was able to meet both of them, and I pray for them daily. I am thankful they chose life for their girls. Foster care and adoption are near and dear to my heart. 1 John 4:19 says 'We love because He first loved us.' I am thankful that adoption is apart of my story." 



- Nikki #standforlife