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 U G A N D A


"Since I was a little girl, God has placed the desire to adopt on my heart. My husband and I both knew that adoption would be how our family grew. Before we were able to move forward with the process in the United States, we moved to Uganda as full-time missionaries. That was the beginning of our adoption journey. Almost one year after we moved, our son Silas was placed in our family. He was a tiny 9-month-old boy when we brought him home. He was thought to be dead by the side of the road when children walking to school found him. Praise God that was not the case. He was left there by his birthmother who could not care for him. Local probation and case workers tried to reunite him and his birthmother, but after she refused that he was her son, he was placed in a baby home. When I think about my little boy laying in a ditch, unwanted by the world, I am awestruck at how God's hand kept him safe. 

That was four years ago. You would never know that this fun-loving, sweet, funny, and energetic little boy was abandoned. I love to think about the great things God has saved Silas for; what a wonderful testimony to Him. But that is not the end of our story.

A year later, we prayed that God would allow us to grow our family once more. Again, we felt led to adopt. We prayed for almost a year. We went back to the same place our son came from, and they too were praying with us. We were made aware of some of the children that could have been placed with us... but for some reason, there wasn't a peace in my heart about it. It was a strange time, and I felt a little guilty that I just couldn't say 'yes.'

A few weeks later, I received a message from the baby home, wanting us to come in. When we arrived, the case worker greeted us by saying "Oh! Your here to meet Silas' baby sister!" My heart dropped! Once I could fully understand the words he had just spoke, I made my way to the baby room. Sure enough, laying there, just 10 days old, was Silas' biological sister. It wasn't even a question as to whether or not she would join our family. I wanted to wrap her up and leave with her right then and there! We brought our little Aggie home two months later, once all the paper work and legal documents were in order. God knew. He knew Aggie was coming. He knew we were praying for her. He knew there was a family just waiting that would adopt the other little one who we prayed about and never felt peace over. He knows. He protects life. He keeps those who can't keep themselves. He is good.

It has been four years since Silas made me a mom, and two years since Aggie did it again. We just finalized their adoptions in Uganda this October, and are now planning to return to the United States so our families can meet, for the first time, our beautiful children. We stand for life. We stand for adoption. We stand for families."


- Veronica

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