"I worked in a brothel for many years until Starfish Project reached out to me. I joined the team and began working in production, but my struggles did not end there. 

My son was born with an ear that did not fully develop as it should have. The only solution was surgery, which was very expensive. After working in production for a year, I was able to save up enough money for my son’s surgery. 

It was successful and he now has a fully formed, completely healed ear. While I am extremely happy that my son is now healed, I quickly realized after his surgery that his health had been my primary concern for so long that I did not know what to do next. 

Thankfully, Starfish Project’s Holistic Care program helps women like me work on our educational, professional, and personal goals so that we can continue improving our lives.

Now I am developing my sales and marketing skills by representing Starfish Project at different bazaars. I am learning how to develop my career goals so that my son and I can continue to experience freedom and establish our independence.”



- Zang #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey