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"When I was 23 weeks pregnant, our doctor noticed something wasn't right in my ultrasound. He referred us to a specialist. We met with our specialist a couple days later. He explained to us that our son's skull stopped growing about halfway on his head, and his brain was growing outside. He diagnosed our baby with Encephlocele, and told us he wouldn't live past 30 weeks of the pregnancy. He offered us an abortion but we declined.
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For the next couple months, doctors continued to tell us our baby would not live. Many said 'there is no chance,' or 'only a 1 percent chance,' and others told us 'don't get your hopes up.'
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William made it to full term, born at 39 weeks. He was born via c-section and was born thriving. All the doctors had life support on standby, ready to immediately intubate Will, but it wasn't necessary. He was doing just fine on his own. We found out that he didn't have Encephlocele; he was born with something more complicated than that called Cutis Aplasia, where the entire back of his head had no bone or skin. His brain was covered only by a thin membrane.
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William was in the NICU for two and a half months before we took him home. He is currently eight months old, and has had a total of 12 surgeries. He talks, laughs, and cries. He loves music and singing along. He rolls on the floor and loves to move around. He has a wonderful quality of life.
We are so glad we didn't choose abortion, because William couldn't speak for himself and he would have all told us 'hey, give me a chance!'
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We must all give our children a chance." 



- Alyssa #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey