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"September 14, 2015. My husband and I sat in a darkened ultrasound room, and listened as a doctor told us that our unborn baby was going to die. Our hearts sank as he told us that our baby would never develop enough lung function to sustain life. He told us she would be stillborn. If she did survive her delivery, she would die within minutes or hours of birth. He recommended that we terminate 'the pregnancy,' and when I declined, we were encouraged to reconsider.

But a life is a life... and I was going to carry her.

We sought second and third opinions, but the prognosis remained the same. We learned that our baby had small and cystic kidneys, and was likely in kidney failure. One doctor quoted a one percent chance of any type of long-term survival. In the event of a live birth we were encouraged to sign off on 'comfort cares only.'

Despite all predictions, she continued to develop happily in my belly and eventually we found doctors who agreed to assess her and intervene, if appropriate, at her birth.

On January 14, 2016, E was born four months, to the day, after we were told she would die. As we drove the two hours to the hospital that morning, I knew whatever happened, that I would never regret carrying my little girl to her God-intended birthday. Her life was in His hands.

E was born screaming. She never needed any type of respiratory support. She was born with stage three kidney disease, but she doesn't need dialysis. Someday she will probably need a kidney transplant. The last year hasn't been without its struggles, but her smile lights up our world! It is obvious to anyone who meets E, she loves living her life! This is just the beginning of E's story. I don't know why we got our miracle when so many others do not, but I thank God for her every day. I can't wait to see how she changes the world!" 



- Amanda #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey