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"Laurel Mae was born 14 weeks early, weighing 2 pounds, 2 ounces and 10 inches long. She lived in the NICU for 114 days before she was able to come home. 

Her medical treatment costs totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars by the end, but here was never any question for us about whether or not she was a person -- we have stood for life our entire lives. 

There is a discrepancy in how we treat humans before their due dates. Laurel was born in a state where she could have legally been aborted up to the gestational age of 40 weeks, yet we watched a highly trained team work closely together and with our family to not only keep her alive, but help her thrive.

The concept that a child in the womb cannot feel pain was visibly disproven as she cried in pain with every needle poke and procedure she experienced. There was proof that a person, even born too early and without the developmental benefits and comforts of a womb, can grow to not only impact others, but be brilliant, compassionate and vibrant. 

She is a proof that all life, pre-born and otherwise, matters. 

We continue to #StandforLIFE as she continues to impact others, love others, and we continue to share her story to disprove so much of the misinformation that circulates about children as they develop in the womb." 



- Cristin #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey