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"Date night tonight. Where we talked and cried about this precious child. Six years ago tonight was the culmination of a horrific pregnancy - where a doctor told us over and over to abort, to prepare, to know that our child - whose long bones were in the 2nd percentile (body in the 98th) - could be born with terrible disabilities. And six years ago tomorrow... at 7:21pm, he was born... perfectly healthy, and beautifully long. My little miracle, our answered prayer... third tallest in his kindergarten class. I sobbed tonight, giant tears falling down my face recounting that experience with Bryan. God changed me. I am different because of Brady. I love you sweet boy, and I would have loved you ruthlessly no matter what. We are so glad you are ours. It's the honor of our lives being your mom and dad." 



- Emily #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey