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"Early in my pregnancy, we were told that our baby would likely have Turner Syndrome. 98/100 of these girls don't survive to birth. The recommended course is termination as the 'humane' course for severely affected babies. Our genetics group already knew our feelings, and that no matter what, termination wasn't an option for us. Fortunately, it was never mentioned again.

At our anatomy scan, we were told she was expected to survive to birth! Alleluia! If TS girls survive to birth, they have a great chance at a relatively typical life with a few more medical issues to watch for. I only managed to stay pregnant until 26 weeks and 3 days.

Our Elizabeth Joy entered this world at 1 lb, 13oz., proving to us what a fighter she is. During our 88 days in the NICU, we saw other babies born at a similar gestation leave earth; we grieved for those families, while also rejoicing that they had chosen life!

Recently, we've learned through extensive genetic testing that Elizabeth Joy does not have Turner Syndrome. We do not know why our first tests indicated she would... either incorrect results or miraculous healing. We don't know what the future holds for our precious gift, but we know that no matter what, we #StandforLIFE."



- Jamie #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey