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"Twelve weeks into my pregnancy with our third child, we learned that our baby had a cystic hygroma. It was explained that these markers are often associated with genetic issues or heart problems. A few weeks later, we learned that our baby girl had Turner Syndrome. At that time, she had also developed hydrops. We were told the combination of hydrops and Turner Syndrome would be more than 99 percent fatal. 

We were asked numerous times if we wanted to end the pregnancy, and continually told to prepare for the worst, but we believed in a miracle. Our hope comes from our Lord Jesus Christ, not man or medicine. 

Our daughter worsened as the weeks progressed, and at 20 weeks, we were told the end was near. Our baby's heart was still beating, but she had no amniotic fluid. It was explained to us that her kidneys had shut down, and she would pass soon.

Weeks went by and as I tried to cling to hope, I also thought a lot about my daughter's funeral. She continued fighting for her survival, and was still alive a month later. I asked for another ultrasound.

We witnessed a miracle that day. The amniotic fluid had returned, her hydrops was gone, and the hygroma on her neck was getting smaller.

The next several months were full of ups and downs. But on May 17, 2016 she defeated the odds and was born into the world screaming. She spent six days in the hospital, came home and has been doing wonderful since! We named her Isabella Faith, which means devoted to God in faith." 


- Kendra #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey