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"Last month was the one-year anniversary of a doctor telling me that I did not have good chances of surviving childbirth. I was 12 weeks pregnant.

We were overjoyed to find out that we were pregnant, especially for Ellie to have a sibling to love on. Soon after, I was told I had moderate to severe pulmonary hypertension. Literature said my chances of dying were greater than my chances of surviving, and the recommendation for my survival was abortion.

The fear was crippling. I had the choice between leaving my toddler, unborn child, and husband with no mother/wife, or I would have to kill my unborn baby.  

I thought about my family, but most of all, I thought about the small clump of cells growing inside of me.

And I knew. I knew without a shadow of a doubt and with every part of my being that the clump of cells inside of me was a life.  

So we chose life.

As I read to Ellie every night for the next week I cried and thought about how she may never remember me reading to her. And ways I could help her to remember that I loved her even when she was older and I was gone.

And I still chose life.

I thought of what it would be like for Stephen to be a widower, without his best friend by his side.

And I still chose life.

And I thought of all the moments I would never get to have with my unborn baby - of soccer games, high school dances, achievements, and weddings.

And I still chose life.

I continued my routine as best I could, and we only let those closest to us know what was going on. Our best friends set up for people to come pray over us every night at dinner. I tried my best to focus my thoughts on the love I was pouring out for the baby inside of me.

Five months later, after months of prayer, immense suffering, and 3 more echocardiograms, I was told that the pulmonary hypertension was gone.  


And now I look at the life that I grew inside of me. My precious little Barrett. And I think about how, if I had an abortion, he'd be dead right now. And I hold him a little tighter and I hope he will always know that he was worth dying for.

Love says, 'I will die for you.' Death says, 'You will die for me.'

I chose LIFE."



- Rose #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey