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"And if not, He is still good.

I remember telling my husband that I wanted our babies to look just like him one day. I dreamt of those sparkly brown eyes and their dark wavy hair. When we decided to try for our first, I felt an anxious excitement like I'd never experienced. 

Seeing those two pink lines was almost surreal. We couldn't wait to meet this child we'd been praying for! All too quickly, our joyful smiles faded into hot tears. How could life come and go so quickly? 

The grief we shared over our baby was unlike anything I can describe, but one thing remained the same: God was still good. 

Though the pain often made me feel invisible, He was still good. 

When I'd convinced myself I could have prevented our loss, He was still good. 

While I struggled to understand how it could be, He was still good. 

This peace that surpassed my understanding kept our hearts open to sharing our experience with others. Our friends and family were our comforters and encouragers through the darkest season we'd experienced. 

God's goodness overflowed again when we became pregnant with our rainbow baby, a darling blue-eyed daughter. 

When I struggle with the brevity of my child's life, I remind myself that our Savior has carried my sorrow. 

To those dealing with fresh hurt, you have never been alone. He joins us in the trenches of miscarriage and desires to share in our loss. His steadfast love has not departed from you. There is no darkness too severe for His goodness to extend through. El Roi, the God Who Sees, is with you and He is still good." 



- Amy #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey