"I remember from an early age, even as young as high school that I was so excited about one day being able to be called "daddy". That it was a sacred name that should be worn with a badge of honor. I've always wanted kids, and I was grateful that I married a woman that desired the same. We got pregnant pretty quickly into marriage and our world was turned upside down. "You're so young though", people would say. And our response was always, "exactly!" Little did I know how much my world as a man would be flipped upside down when I met miss Hadley Jo. Being daddy to her is the greatest job in the world after being husband. Being daddy unlocked a new sense of burden, but a beautiful burden. I get to show this little girl what her Heavenly Father, God, looks like.


We got pregnant again shortly after Hadley and of course assumed that science would dictate that meaning we meet our next baby in 9 months. However, little did we know that sometimes we don't get what we want. We lost the baby during a miscarriage and once again our world was flipped upside down. But God had a sweeter plan for us in giving us a greater insight to the pains of parenting and the joy of what was right in front of us; Hadley Jo. The life of one child was enough to move us forward and remind us that we are given exactly what we need in life by God, the creator and sustainer of life. So we trusted Him. In God's perfect timing, on the same month our miscarried baby was suppose to be due, God granted us with another gift. We discovered that Emmy was pregnant! For some reason, in culture today, it is portrayed less manly to desire, vocalize and communicate early and often a love of the role "Daddy." What if more dads made it clear that they are honored to hold that title? What if more dads told their little boys and girls more often that the greatest job in the world is not a millionaire, but a daddy! I can promise you, there is no greater feeling than coming home from work, opening the front door and hearing little steps scurry across the floor and a little rascal running yelling "DADDY! You're home." Nothing is more worth standing for than life." 



- Garrett #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey