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"We were so excited to find out we were pregnant after a recent miscarriage. Because I was 35, we opted to have genetic testing done.

I never expected to receive the phone call saying that the baby was missing a sex chromosome, and had Turner's Syndrome. All Turners babies are girls because they only have one X chromosome. I was then asked by three different doctors if I wanted to abort, as they explained to me the many complications that could come along with the baby.

I wanted this baby more than anything. God gave me another chance to have a child after I had lost one, and I wasn't going to let that go.

We continued the pregnancy educating ourselves on the possibilities that we could be facing. We went to our anatomy scan hoping for the best. We received the shock of our lives! Not only was the baby healthy, but it was a BOY!

We are now blessed with a perfectly healthy boy that fills our life and is his sister's best friend. We never would have known what we would have missed if we would have taken life for granted. He truly is our rainbow baby."  



- Lauren #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey