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"I always thought that one day I would have a mini-me. I thought I would see the perfect blend of mine and my husband's genes, making us even more one. But instead, I found myself pregnant with not one, but two babies whose genes didn't belong to either of us. Two absolutely beautiful, perfect, energetic little boys who were frozen in an embryonic state for years.

The moment they were out of my womb, and the hospital room echoed with their tiny cries, I was filled with thankfulness and love for their biological mom who said YES to life. She chose life for these babies via embryo donation after completing IVF.

When my husband and I were faced with infertility, we considered IVF but after learning there were hundreds of thousands of already frozen embryos, we knew we wanted to choose embryo adoption.

I am forever grateful for her brave choice and I think of her every day when I look in their precious faces." 



- Leah #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey