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"I was seeking treatment at an infertility specialist when she told me, 'We can only continue with treatment if you are okay with selective reduction. If you get pregnant with more than two eggs, then we will choose the least viable of the additional embryos and terminate.'

I was horrified. She told me, 'Some women will do whatever it takes to have children.'

Her words stung deeply. I wished there was something I could do to have another baby, but I wouldn't do 'whatever it took.' I could never take the life of one or more babies to achieve my goal of growing my family. My husband and I #standforlife even if it meant we couldn't get pregnant.

Three months later, I got a positive pregnancy test. No treatment, no shots, no scans... just two miraculous little pink lines on a test. Stephen Jackson is my little miracle! He was worth the wait. God gave us two more children after Stephen, and now we have four beautiful kids.

My season of infertility taught me that God is the giver of life.  Because life is a such sacred gift, it is worth protecting. I praise God alone for my four precious babies." 



- Rachel #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey