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"Never would I ever have imagined that some of my dearest friends would be Muslim refugee women from Iraq. Because of photos, videos, and stories, I took on the challenge of forming a company that employs refugee women in Dallas, Texas. 

@meltgoods began as a solution to the employment challenges refugees (specifically refugee women) face after resettling to America. Oftentimes, women resettle with large families, little to no possessions or money, and a lack of knowledge about how and where to find good work. I try to meet their needs by not only providing good jobs, but also serving as a resource for any and all of their needs.

I first felt the call to serve refugees in 2015. After Humans of New York did a week-long series on Syrian refugees, I felt Christ pulling me towards the refugee crisis. I began to pay attention to stories of refugees. I started to research the process of how and why refugees resettle. I soon started to volunteer with a local organization, @seekthepeace. After getting to know those in the refugee community, I could no longer ignore the crisis that affects millions of people around the world. I began to understand the difficulties refugees face. Soon after, I began Melt Goods and hired Huda and Saja, two refugee women from Baghdad, Iraq. Our backgrounds and stories couldn’t be more opposite—yet the more I get to know them, the more I adore them. They are kind, generous, empathetic, diligent, and so resilient. 

Huda and Saja are so much more than my employees—they are my family. They have helped me understand what it is like to fear for your life, flee home, and adapt to a completely new environment. Because of our relationship, I have grown in compassion, knowledge, and joy. Every day I am immensely blessed by their friendship. 

I believe that all life is valuable. I think it is the duty of those who have been given much, to recognize and meet the needs around us--whatever that may be." 



- Meredith #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey