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"She brings me nothing but joy... this perfect little blessing conceived through rape. I do not discuss it much, those who do know, know very little about it. It was how I coped, how I was able to move on. I found healing feeling her kicks, planning for her arrival, singing and rocking her to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. I named her in honor of my father, a Scottish name meaning Waterfall of Roses, so she might always know the beauty I felt in carrying her. 

There was never any question whether I would have her or not, from the minute I knew of her existence I wanted her. And whenever I hear the phrase "I don't support in abortion, save in cases of rape..." It breaks my heart. This is what you would be deleting from this world. She is the beauty that would be missing. Her big blue eyes, bouncing curls, spunky attitude, and contagious laugh. Her whole existence is beauty and love. That is why I chose LIFE. In a time of darkness, she gave me back MY life."


- Jordan #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey