“In the wake of the landmark decision by the Supreme Court in favor of ‘women's rights’ I've decided to speak out, so that maybe those who are convinced this decision is a huge victory for our country will finally see abortion how I see it: from the eyes of a victim of rape, and a mother to a ‘product’ of rape.

After being drugged and raped, two months later I discovered what I feared: I was pregnant with my attacker's child.  I was forced to make a decision: adoption or parent the baby. This precious baby was the result of a horrible, and terrifying circumstance, but this baby was not to blame for that.  A woman should get to choose. Not whether or not that baby should live, but whether she wants this tremendous blessing in her life, or if she'd like to bless another family with the gift of a child.

I was hoping for Texas HB2 to be upheld so that the closing of these clinics would allow women to research options other than abortion. I want people to know that this victim survivor is done being silent. I'm telling those who have never gone through something like this that abortion is not a ‘woman’s right.’ Life is EVERY human's right, including the unborn human. They deserve their chance to choose. Abortion is not about women's rights… it takes away human rights from the innocent and defenseless.

So, take a good look. Here's the face of a survivor and a ‘product’ of rape. Happy, healthy, and loved by each other. I'm happy to know that she and I both have the right to choose, but I'm glad that I CHOSE LIFE.” 



- Libbie #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey