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"Years ago, I was held against my will. I was abused and raped, and eventually ended up pregnant. Society pushed for an abortion. The child of a rapist? A child just like him? A constant reminder of the rape? Giving in to fears, I agreed.

I remember November 24, 2004. It was cold and overcast. I remember lying there and feeling the squirt of jelly. The technician fiddled with things until satisfied.

"Your baby is fine."

Your baby.

My baby.

Time stopped. My son seemed to wave at me, and I fell into a deeper love than I had ever known. Killing him wouldn’t give me food or safety, wouldn’t punish my rapist or undo the abuse, and I would remember killing him forever. Getting an abortion didn’t make sense. No matter what, I was keeping my child.

The day he was born was also gloomy, but my son banished the darkness away. He was wonderful and precious. He gave me strength to go from being pregnant and homeless to finding a job and push for a promotion and a raise. I had never done that before. I'm the first person from both sides of my family to get a degree, and now I am pursuing my Masters. I'm married with two more children.

As for my son, his IQ is over 120, was recruited by one of the top schools in the country, skipped a grade, and is in the Gifted and Talented Program. At age five, he started fundraising for charity earning him the recognition of Patrick Dempsey (in the picture above). He plans on being an astronaut; a former astronaut stated he’s a natural.

He's not my rapist's son or a reminder of the abuse I endured. He is MY son, my miracle, and I am so blessed to have him." 



- Sara #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey