"I was raised in a Christian home, knowing that I was adopted. My adopted family will always be my family, however, a part of me wanted to know my birth mother so that I could thank her for choosing life. I'd always thought that my birth parents were just young and unable to take care of me.

I was wrong. I decided to get my non-identification records, and my husband supported the search. Finally, my caseworker called and said that my birth mother wanted to have contact with me. Not long after, I found out I was conceived from rape. My caseworker asked if I was okay. I was, but I was also upset and mad. I chose to forgive my birth father, and that day, God gave me much love for my birth mother.

When I made contact with my birth mother, she told me that she'd always loved me, and that I was the beginning of her healing process. Her aunt could have arranged for her to have an abortion at Planned Parenthood. Thank God, she said no. Because of Jeremiah 29:11, I am here today. God has a plan for each of our lives, and His plan starts in the womb of our mothers. I find it so special that God allowed me to help my birth mother heal from something that was wrongfully done to her.

Adoption saves lives, and that love goes deeper than blood. I was conceived from rape, but I am loved by God, my husband, my parents, and many others." 



- Sherry #standforlife

Chandler Cooksey