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"I found out I was pregnant at the ripe age of 21. I had always suffered with anxiety, but when I found out I was pregnant, that anxiety went to another level. I did not feel that I could mentally take care of another human if I could barely take care of myself.

I grew up in a Christian household and knew abortion was not an option... but having a baby was also not an option, so I prayed God would somehow make this go away. That He would take the baby home to heaven. It is hard to even write that out, but I know this story needs to be told.

The anxiety turned into panic attacks, and I knew I could not do this. I made an appointment to talk about my options. I was heartbroken. I felt I had no other choice. I cried the entire time I waited in the lobby.

When I met with the doctor, she pushed me to get an abortion. The doctor said I would miscarry anyway, and to just get the abortion. I was shocked that someone would care so little about human life. It was in that very moment that God spoke to me. In a place I never thought He would, God worked through all my anxiety and fears. I told them that I was giving this baby life and I walked out, never looking back.

We are not God. We do not get to determine who lives and who dies, who is seen as important and who is not. 

I never miscarried, and in fact, had a healthy pregnancy resulting in our beautiful daughter Charlotte. God even blessed us with a marriage and a son in May. Turns out, God brought me through the storm because He knew better than me.

I stand for life, because Christ repeatedly stands for ours."



- Lauren #standforlife