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"I can remember sitting at my grandma's kitchen table listening to all her stories while eating strawberries dipped in sugar. She was in the middle of telling one of her stories when she stopped mid sentence, looked at me, and said "Jenna, I just want you to know that abortion is never right." She then continued on with her story that was completely irrelevant to the words she had just spoke. This was the last time I saw my grandma healthy as shortly after this she was diagnosed with cancer.


Eight months later I found out that I was pregnant. I was 19 years-old and this was not part of "my plan". After being pressured, I went to the dreaded appointment to get information about terminating the pregnancy. I walked out in the middle of the appointment a complete wreck. Shortly after, I got news that my grandma was not doing well and I would need to fly home. My grandma passed away the night of my 20th birthday and I believe that it was a nudge from a relentless God to remind me of the last words I heard out of my grandma's mouth while she was well. I chose life for my son, Max, and he not only changed my life, but he saved my life. 


God was in pursuit of my heart and my life. I started to discover just how much God loves and treasures me, His beloved daughter. And that he feels the same exact way about my son, every baby in the womb and every life."


- Jenna #standforlife