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"A year ago I sat inside an abortion clinic with a million thoughts running through my head.

I questioned how I would manage to have another baby when I already had three kids I'm raising alone. The father wasn't involved. I had no help, and no career for myself. I didn't know who to turn to, or who to talk to. I thought my mom would hate me for getting pregnant again so soon. I tried my best to justify the abortion.

I felt lost as I walked through that door. My best friend was with me, and every seat but two were taken. I walked to the front desk and was given yellow papers to fill out on a clipboard. I couldn't even see straight; my mind was racing. As I filled it out, I paused at the section telling me to circle all the words describing how I felt. The list of words was long, and I found myself circling things like scared, sad, lost, worried, unhappy, unsure, guilty, and nervous.

My name was called and I was taken back for an ultrasound. I chose not to look at it. The doctor proceeded to show me anyways, and just as the nurse yelled out 'she doesn't want to see it!', I glanced over. I couldn't help but to cry when I saw that little heartbeat.

I was sent to the waiting room, and told they'd call me back once it was time. In that moment my eyes filled with tears, and I immediately knew I couldn't follow through with it. I returned the papers to the front desk and let her know that I changed my mind.

I felt overwhelmingly relieved and happy right then, and realized that His plan is and will always be better greater than anything I have ever known."


- Julie #standforlife