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"I wasn't ready to be pregnant, but God had a different plan.

When I told my husband, he was ecstatic. We made an appointment for that next week, but the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat. She told us to prepare ourselves, because we could either be too early, or it wouldn't develop into a baby.

For two weeks we prayed we would hear a heartbeat. We prayed God's will would be done. It was! Two weeks later we went back in, and I will never forget her words, 'I think there are two in there!' My husband and I looked at each other... twins!

We were immediately told of all the risks involved in carrying twins, especially when we did the genetic testing. We made it known that no matter what the genetic testing showed, we would never terminate - even though that option was implied. At 26 weeks I was put in the hospital on strict bed rest, and each day we prayed God would keep them safe and let them continue to grow inside me.

After four weeks on bedrest, I went into labor. I didn't even get to see them until three hours after I was out of recovery. The first words that nurse said were, 'Hi momma, you wanna hold her?' I just sobbed. I had so much fear of what their future would look like, but there they were, ALIVE and thriving!

Our girls were born at 3.2 lbs 10 weeks early, and we were NICU neighbors with babies weighing barely one pound. The process, as difficult as it was, made me so much more outspoken about the value of life, no matter what stage. The only difference between my girls being born at 30 weeks and full-term baby, is time.

After 6 1/2 weeks in the NICU, we took them home. We recently celebrated their first birthday and are so grateful for God's grace in protecting them through it all. We are humbled to be their parents, and have loved sharing God's grace and love through their story. Because of Harper and Avery, we #standforlife."


- Rachel #standforlife